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Missy comes from an extensive medical background and is always working to make sure she is well educated and well informed on the best possible piercing procedures! Missy has a passion for learning about the anatomical aspects of piercing! Nothing makes her happier than being able to adorn your body with the most perfectly placed piercing! 

All new piercing appointments require a $50 non-refundable credit card deposit. Each piercing scheduled will require a $50 deposit. (i.e. deposit for nostril & conch is $100, daith & tragus is $100, etc.) The deposit will go towards your piercing fee. Upon acceptance of your appointment request your credit card will be charged. Your appointment is not secured until your credit card has been charged. If you decide not to get pierced the deposit will remain on file for any future piercings or purchases. Check ups, jewelry changes, and jewelry sales do not require a deposit but still require an appointment.

Any cancellation or rescheduling within 24 hours of your appointment will forfeit your deposit and you will need to put down a new $50 deposit to make a new appointment. You must be no more than 5 minutes late or you will be rescheduled. Not showing up for your appointment is considered a "No Show" and your deposit is forfeited and all future appointments that were held by that deposit will be cancelled and you will need to place a new $50 non-refundable deposit to reschedule. If you do reschedule more than once due to being late you will forfeit your deposit and need to place a new one to reschedule.

What is an ear curation?

It's an art form that consists of multiple piercings all over the ear in different formations unique to each person, and each ear.

There is a $500 MINIMUM (meaning you must spend at least $500). This is to create a design utilizing multiple piercings fresh and healed. You must have at least 3 piercings that you’re purchasing jewelry for during this appointment time and/or get at least 1-3 new piercings. Your credit card will be charged $100 upon phone confirmation of your appointment. There is a $100 no show fee or if you cancel within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment and your credit card will be charged. ​Missy is the only piercer to offer this service.


It's an appointment to consult with the piercer and let them choose which piercing to give you, and perform the piercing in the same appointment. There is no purchase minimum. All body parts are an option for this service. The entire gold and titanium jewelry inventory is an option for this service. Your credit card will be charged $50 upon phone confirmation of your appointment. There is a $50 no show fee or if you cancel within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment and your credit card will be charged. If you would like more than one piercing you must book each piercing as a separate appointment. Missy and Corina both offer this service.

Corina is our resident spooky goddess and jewelry specialist. Her favorite piercings to perform are septums.

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  • We do not pierce anyone under the age of 16. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Missy and Corina require an in person consult for any piercing. It is the discretion of Missy and Corina to deny any piercing. We do not offer horizontal tongue, surface tongue, vertical tragus, or any piercing that your anatomy will not allow Missy or Corina to safely perform.​
  • We do have the option for tandem piercings for nipples and lobes! Please call the studio to book a tandem appointment.
  • All piercing services below are listed in terms of only the piercing fee which includes consultation, set up, sterilization, and disinfecting of the piercing room.​
  • Jewelry cost is not included in the prices.
  • ​The piercing gallery only accepts credit cards as payment. (Tips are cash only)
  • For information on minor piercings please click here.

it's not just a tattoo, it's a work of art.