• We do not pierce anyone under the age of 16. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Missy and Corina require an in person consult for any piercing. It is the discretion of Missy and Corina to deny any piercing. We do not offer horizontal tongue, surface tongue, vertical tragus, or any piercing that your anatomy will not allow Missy or Corina to safely perform.​
  • We do have the option for tandem piercings for lobes! Please call the studio to book a tandem appointment.
  • All piercing services below are listed in terms of only the piercing fee which includes consultation, set up, sterilization, and disinfecting of the piercing room.​
  • Jewelry cost is not included in the prices.
  • ​The piercing gallery only accepts credit cards as payment. (Tips are cash only)
  • The minor must have a valid (not expired) state issued ID, military ID, school ID, or passport with them at the appointment.
  • The minor must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at the appointment.
  • The parent or legal guardian must also have a valid state issued ID, military ID or passport with them at the appointment.
  • You must also bring the minor's birth certificate to prove that you are the minor's parent. It must be the original, it can not be a copy.
  • In cases where the minor is under the care of a legal guardian we must have court documentation showing the guardianship.
  • We will not pierce any minor's tongue, nipples, or industrials.
  • We also take into consideration your lifestyle. If the child plays sports we will most likely say no depending on the sport/activity they are involved with.

Minor Piercings - ages 16 and 17

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