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As some of you know I’m trying to buy a car. Which is proving more difficult than I thought. So I have decided it’s time I find homes for some of my plastic children. These Munny dolls are on display here at Black Lotus daily! And have just recently been priced to sell. They’re priced lower than originally, take advantage of me needing wheels and score some awesome one of a kind art! I’m not holding anything for anyone, if it sells it sells. I’d rather than go out the door on their own than have to ship them (especially the ones with attachments). I feel like I’m gonna cry but damnit I need to get a car. 

Inky's Munny Dolls

inky's original munny Dolls

Shipping is an additional $10. please note, for Bowser and Oni Demon the shipping will increase depending on packaging needed  and you will be invoiced for the difference.