it's not just a tattoo, it's a work of art.

​​studio & art gallery

November 2016 - Ayla Roda

January 2016 - Randi Meyers

August 2015 - Elizabeth Baugher

March 2016 - Richard Russo

November 2015 - Ayla Roda

December 2013 - Meagan Jenigen

March 2014 - Carissa Holly Langer

December 2015 - Jamie Clafferty

April 2016 - Katrina Williams

April 2015 - Kirsten Marsden

June 2016 - Erika Lipitz

May 2014 - Jim O'Connor

featured artist in the gallery

November 2013 - Devana Lux Anaved

February 2017 - Inky McStapleface

January 2017 - Molly Sparaco

April 2014 - Nicolle Walker

July 2016 - Jenn Dorsey

Our front reception area also serves as an art gallery and we have local artists come in and display their art for an entire month. They are able to set up an installation at the studio, post prices, contact information, etc. If you would like to display your artwork in the studio, send an email to with a short bio about yourself. Be sure to include photos of some of your work and links to where we can see more of it!

October 2013 - Matt Vanderslice

February 2015 - Ashley Caswell