it's not just a tattoo, it's a work of art.

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Rosie Della-Giustina

Rosie Della-Giustina is an artist and aspiring tattoo artist living in Baltimore, MD.

Born in San Gabriel, CA, the youngest of five daughters of a Mexican immigrant, she spent her childhood living in a one bedroom home withher parents and siblings. Life was hectic and when she was 12 they ended up moving to Tucson, AZ where she was raised. At the age of 15 she began getting tattooed by her good friend and mentor Damon Mariscal who taught her about tattooing and art in
general. This sparked a huge interest in her and she began to buy every book, magazine, anything she could get her hands on to begin learning as much as she could on art and tattooing. In 2011 she met her best friend and husband and after about a year of marriage, in 2015, they decided they needed a fresh start. Having family in Maryland, they made the plunge and hopped in their old Honda Accord with their dog and two cats and drove across country with only a trunk of their belongings. Rosie has now lived in MD for 3 years and likes to spend most of her time working on her art, going to shows and studying everything she can on tattooing. Instagram @dellaxrosie