it's not just a tattoo, it's a work of art.

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kailey anderson

custom one of a kind artwork ❋ crafted with love ♡

​Hi i'm kailey, i am a 18 year old self taught artist from Crofton, Maryland. All of my life i have had a love for all things having to do with art! From asking for crafts & art supplies every birthday, to getting my art put on display all through elementary, middle, and high school. I find myself making art in my free time as a way to relax and express myself. As a full time hairstylist, creativity is necessary at all times. Painting has always and will always be a passion of mine. My style of art tends to change depending on my mood & really just how i’m feeling when i sit down to make something. Acrylic on canvas is my preferred medium, often time i’ll use sharpies & metallic markers as well. Little jewels, embellishments & sparkles also tend to make an appearance in a lot of my pieces. I stay open to anything that catches my eye and can give my art a different feel to further express myself.