it's not just a tattoo, it's a work of art.

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​Please do not fill out this form until you are scheduled in for an ear curation appointment with a $100 non-refundable deposit on the books. Thank you!

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It's an art form that consists of multiple piercings all over the ear in different formations unique to each person, and each ear.

There is a $500 MINIMUM (meaning you must spend at least $500). This is to create a design utilizing multiple piercings fresh and healed. You must have at least 3 piercings that you’re purchasing jewelry for during this appointment time and/or get at least 1-3 new piercings. Please check the Black Lotus Jewelry Store for price ranges on jewelry. Your credit card will be charged $100 upon phone confirmation of your appointment. There is a $100.00 no show fee or if you cancel within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment and your credit card will be charged. ​


Julian "Juju" Oyola

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